The River Lands

Law and Order

In these lands the long lived Elves hold sway. They and the humans that live along side them have been at peace for many years. Crime does occur and is punished at a local level by the guards of the upper and lower settlements. Most crimes are punishable with an appropriate fine or jail time. Very few crimes here carry the penalty of death. The Elven king rules here from his city on the coast. Its high towers and walls built hundreds of years ago have held back every enemy that has been foolish enough to test them.


All of the River Lands are the property of the King unless he has granted them to someone. That person can in turn grant portions of there own land to others. This is the most common way to be rewarded by your patron or lord. Each village town or settlement is ruled over by a Lord or Barron, their word is law. Most contracts here are done verbally unless land is part of the agreement. The more land you have the more powerful you are, as this allows you to build more ships bigger settlements.


Almost all trade here is done by ship. Either by swift river runners making their way up the rivers to the Foot Hills or Middle Plains, or by the massive sea traders making months long journeys to foreign lands. Leaving with there holds packed full of horses, precious metals, gems, and iron they return with exotic animals, spices, fruit, adamintine, and news.


The only true city on the continent lies in this region it is the seat of the elven king built over 5 centuries ago by his predecessors it is built on top of the highest point in the River Lands. The cliffs rise 500ft above the river floor and the walls another 50 above that. This is the largest settlement on this continent and the richest trading port. From here you can sail to any of the know lands. In addition there are 7 other towns and many small villages located through out the dense forests and river channels.

The River Lands

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