The Foot Hills

Law and Order

The settlements of the Foot Hills are guarded by wooden or stone walls and there towers. Thick oak and iron gates block the only ways into these fortress villages. A guard is kept on the walls at all times as well as patrolling the streets in the larger towns. After three decades of near constant fighting the guards and militia are as tough fighters as they come. Punishments for breaking the law here are swiftly and brutally carried out by the arresting guards. Each village and town has a magistrate who reports to the Northern Council, a group of 11 dwarfs and humans from the oldest and most powerful families in the north.


Winters in the Foot Hills are exceptionally brutal with week long blizzards and temperatures so cold that even indoors people have frozen to death. Because of these exceptionally harsh winters there is whats refereed to as “Winter Peace”, all feuds and fighting stop. Even the goblins and hill giants respect the Winter Peace though only for there own sake. Without magical protection from the cold even they would die out in the open.


The majority of trade conducted in the north is sending ore and stone south in the summer and bringing grain up enough for summer and winter. This is stored below ground in vast stone granaries heavily guarded. The danger of the north is only matched by the riches to be had in the mines for those willing to stake a claim and work hard all summer and persevere the winter.


There are 4 large towns in north and many small villages each will at least one mine nearby. the towns are located near the largest and most productive mines. There are at least 2 other towns that were abandoned when the mines ran dry as well as smaller settlements. without the vast wealth generated by a very successful mine people would be unable to afford the high cost of importing food.

The Foot Hills

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